Tranquilizer Gun
Tranquilizer Gun
Gender Male
Age 33
Species blue ball
Color Blue (Body)
Game Stats
Place 22nd
Episode Eliminated It's falling apart so fast
Friends red ball
Enemies Unknown
Tranquilizer Gun 2

Tranquilizer Gun, labeled the Sharp Shooter, is a male contestant in Article Insanity.


Rumor has it that Tranquilizer Gun has been drinking recently. He is feared in the object world because he goes crazy with his shooting. In fact, he is blind, so he still thinks he's hunting. When he yells "BANZAI!", they better watch out. In Episode 1 he had no screen time he isn't that popular.


Tranquilizer Gun has yet to interact with someone.


The Must-have PrizeEdit

He didn't have any screen time, he got serious injuries by Lettuce's mirror. His team lost.

Free-Fallin' with styleEdit

He was safe in elimination. He shot some people in the challenge, which were PD's team member, TG tried to shoot Whiffle Ball, but the shot was reflected and TG got killed. His team lost.

Inanimate Stunt ShowEdit

He was safe in elimination, and his team lost again.

It's falling apart so fastEdit

He was eliminated along with Hammock, when he was placed in the GOSSIP, he said: "BANZAI!", but there was no juice, then he says: "FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-".



  • He is the only contestant so far to cuss in Article Insanity.
    • However, Petroleum Drop said the word, hell, in the second episode after Hammock accidentally gave immunity to Butter Knife due to her threatening him, But, Hell is not a bad word in some countries.
  • He is the oldest contestant on the show, Also as the oldest male contestant on the show.
  • Tranquilizer Gun does not come back in Article Insanity: Rebooted.