Tongs 1
Voiced by: Teddy Garmon
Gender Male
Age 16
Species Kitchen Tongs
Color Maroon (Head and tail), Brown (Body)
Game Stats
Place 24th
Episode Eliminated The Must-have Prize
Friends None
Enemies Petroleum Drop Axe Smoked Sausage

Tongs, labeled as Sir Brags-A-Lot, is a male contestant on Article Insanity.


Tongs was born to brag, brag, and brag. If he doesn't have anything to brag about, he'll do his best to find it. He recently broke the record of "World's Strongest Grip", so this is the thing he wants to brag about for the rest of his life. He also learned how to show off his skills. Nobody is interested in his grip, and are annoyed by his bragging.


Petroleum DropEdit

Tongs was told by him that he wasn't worthy to be on his team.

Status: Enemies


Axe insulted his grip, and told him to get lost.

Status: Enemies

Smoked SausageEdit

Tongs was insulted by him, so he spat in his face. LOL

Status: Enemies

Fun Facts Edit

He was safe first time