Tether Ball
Tether Ball 2
Voiced by: PowerPointninja
Gender Female
Age 14
Species Unattached Tether Ball
Color Orange
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Friends Everyone else (except for enemies)
Enemies Unknown

Tether Ball, labeled The BrokenHeart Touch, is a female contestant in Article Insanity.


This teenaged inflatable ball can possibly bring this world to an end, for she is known for ruining everything she touches. Even worse, she loves to help people out. This makes her risky for any team. Other than this, she is a good friend to have. Just don't let her help you with anything. You'll regret it.


Tether Ball has yet to interact with someone.


  • Tether Ball was first made in one of PowerPointninja's BFDI fanfictions.
  • Tether Ball debuted in Object Downfall (by TardistheTardis) after PowerPointninja won the prediction competition, and made an appearence in Quest To Be The Best (by WhaiJay) as one of the three judges.
  • Tether Ball is the only contestant from Article Insanity to be in RobloxFTW CreepypastasFTL's Character Elimination.
  • Tether ball also debuted on Original Twisted turns