Signy 3.5
Voiced by: PowerPointninja
Gender Female
Age 13
Species Sign
Color White (Sign base), Red (Arrows), Brown (Pole)
Game Stats
Place 18th
Episode Eliminated Episode 6
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Signy, labeled the Brain Leak, is a female contestant in Article Insanity.


If you watch Finding Nemo, then you'll understand why Signy seems so stupid and forgetful. She has the disability known as Short-term Memory Loss, which causes her to forget things very e

Clover 2
Signy 3.5
Tongs 1
Petroleum Drop 2
Hammock 2
Cauliflower 2
Cashy 2
Butter Knife 2
Hammock Iron ball form
Tranquilizer Gun Iron ball form
Funnel 2
Rampy 2
Smoked Sausage 2
Tranquilizer Gun 2
Signy 2
Lettuce 2
Protractor 2
Yoyleberry 2
Axe New Pose
Tether Ball New Design

asily. Her forgetfulness can cause her to be clumsy and risky for any team. If you want to make friends with her, don't even bother. She'll forget you in 2 seconds.


Signy has yet to interact with someone.


  • Signy was first made in one of PowerPointninja's BFDI fanfictions.
  • Signy is based off of Dory from Finding Nemo.