Petroleum Drop
Petroleum Drop 2
Voiced by: PowerPointninja
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Drop of fuel
Color Black
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Friends Hammock
Enemies Tongs

Petroleum Drop is a male contestant in Article Insanity.


Most of the time, PD is not very friendly, and other times, pretty rude. On top of that, other contestants would describe him as impatient, serious, and slightly sarcastic. He looks up to contestants with great skill, and is willing to take them down if they're on the opposing team. 



PD wished him good luck at the elimination, and sees him as a skilled contestant, despite his randomness.

Status: Friends


Petroleum Drop thinks Tongs is annoying, and said that he was "worthy to not" be on his team.

Status: Enemies


  • Petroleum Drop was first made in one of Jacknjellify's Not BFDI fanfictions.
  • In a DeviantArt picture, he does the ice bucket challenge (like 16 months late HA SUCK IT PD) he says he's bleeding. This may be because he is a liquid drop.
  • His body is like Teardrop's from BFDI(A).