Lettuce 3
Voiced by: PowerPointninja
Gender Female
Age 16
Species Lettuce
Color Green
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Friends Whiffle Ball (possibly), Axe, Tether Ball, Everyone else (except for enemies)
Enemies Yoyleberry, Smoked Sausage, Hammock

Lettuce, labeled the Beauteous Angel, is a female contestant in Article Insanity.


A very nice, kind person that anyone would love as a friend. She fears looking bad in an object show, and will do anything she can to avoid it, even if it involves hurting other contestants. This causes some contestants to dread Lettuce. She also seems to freak out when she's stressed.


Whiffle BallEdit

Lettuce is against Whiffle Ball being a cheater.

Status: Possible friends

Smoked SausageEdit

He was beaten really badly by her mirror, and was given serious injuries.

Status: Enemies


Yoyleberry was beaten by her mirror when he took down Whiffle Ball in the first challenge.

Status: Enemies


Hammock was beaten by Lettuce for soiling her leaves with his enormous tongue.

Status: Enemies

Tether BallEdit

Tether Ball touched the ground underneath both of them, causing Lettuce to get dirty, but found a huge pit of gold.

Status: Possible Friends


Axe complimented her and Tether Ball once they brought back the gold.

Status: Friends


  • Lettuce is mistaken as a boy.
  • Her new mirror might be that useful than the old one.
  • Disregarding Clover, of course, She, Axe and Butter Knife are the two oldest female contestants.