Funnel 3

Funnel Ghost


210px|Voiced by: Lightbulb from ii]]

Voiced by: Lightbulb from ii
Gender Male
Age 16 (Deceased)
Species Funnel
Color Brownish Yellow
Game Stats
Place 21st
Episode Eliminated Triple trouble
Friends Unknown
Enemies The terrorist.

Funnel, labeled The Free Flying Man, is a male contestant in Article Insanity Funnel Has Nickname Funtime

Personality (regular)Edit

Funnel was constantly captured and nearly killed by a terrorist for 5 years from now, and always screws things up when trying to escape. After this, He was rescued, but always thought he was under pressure, and afraid that the terrorist may come back to get him.

Personality (ghost)Edit

Funnel has no worries, a free man he is. Now that the painful, slow death is over with, Funnel is forever a ghost and doesn't worry about a thing. He is a people and he will kill anyone who disagree with him. Watch out, peeps!


Funnel has yet to interact with someone.

Gallery Edit