Cashy 3
Voiced by: SonicBlaster203
Gender Male
Age 12
Species Medallion
Color Yellow
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Friends Everyone else (except for enemies)
Enemies Unknown
Cashy, labeled the 4th Wall's Worst Nightmare, is a female contestant in Article Insanity.


She is almost always very happy. Her favorite hobby is breaking the 4th wall. She likes touching speech bubbles, jumping on the credits, eating the menu buttons, reading subtitles, etc. This concerns other contestants. Cashy is a clever trickster, and can easily fool the brightest of contestants. She and Netty are the two youngest contestants. 


Cashy has no special interactions.


  • Cashy was first made in one of PowerPointninja's BFDI fanfictions.
  • In the must-have prize, Cashy was a girl, but in episode 7, Cashy is a boy.
  • She and Netty are the two youngest contestants.
  • Her body is like Coiny's from BFDI(A).
  • She just like Star Butterfly from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.